swat.dataframe.reshape_bygroups(items, bygroup_columns='formatted', bygroup_as_index=True, bygroup_formatted_suffix='_f', bygroup_collision_suffix='_by')

Convert current By group representation to the specified representation

itemsSASDataFrame or list of SASDataFrames

The DataFrames to process.

bygroup_columnsstring, optional

The way By group columns should be represented in the output table. The options are ‘none’ (only use metadata), ‘formatted’, ‘raw’, or ‘both’.

bygroup_as_indexboolean, optional

Specifies whether the By group columns should be converted to indices.

bygroup_formatted_suffixstring, optional

The suffix to use on formatted columns if the names collide with existing columns.

bygroup_collision_suffixstring, optional

The suffix to use on By group columns if there is also a data column with the same name.

SASDataFrame or list of SASDataFrame objects

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