The SWAT package is installed using the pip command. The requirements for using the binary protocol of CAS (recommended) are as follows.

  • 64-bit Python 2.7 or 3.5+ on Linux or Windows

See additional shared library notes below.

The binary protocol requires pre-compiled components found in the pip installer only. These pieces are not available as source code and are under a separate license (see SAS TK). The binary protocol offers better performance than REST, especially when transferring larger amounts of data. It also offers more advanced data loading from the client and data formatting features.

To access the CAS REST interface only, you can use the pure Python code which runs in Python 2.7/3.5+. You will still need Pandas installed. While not as fast as the binary protocol, the pure Python interface is more portable. For more information, see Binary vs. REST.

Note that this package is merely a client to a CAS server. It has no utility unless you have a licensed CAS server to connect to.

If you do not already have a modern Python installation, it is highly recommended that you install the Anaconda Python distribution from Continuum Analytics. This distribution includes dozens of commonly used Python packages, and can even be installed without administrator privileges.

If you do not have pip installed, you can use easy_install pip to add it to your current Python installation.

Additional Linux Library Dependencies

Some Linux distributions may not install all of the needed shared libraries by default. Most notably, the shared library is required to make binary protocol connections to CAS. If you do not have this library on your machine you can install the numactl package for your distribution to make it available to SWAT.

Note that if you use an Anaconda distribution of Python, will be installed as a dependency automatically.

Python Dependencies

The SWAT package uses many features of the Pandas Python package and other dependencies of Pandas. If you do not already have version 0.16 or greater of Pandas installed, pip or conda will install or update it for you when you install SWAT.

If you are using pip version 23.1 or later to install from a tar.gz file, the python wheel package is required. If you do not have this package installed, you can install it using pip.


The latest release of SWAT can be installed from PyPI using pip as follows:

pip install swat


If you use an Anaconda distribution of Python, you can use conda to install SWAT:

conda install -c sas-institute swat


SWAT can be installed from Simply locate the file for your platform and install it using pip as follows:

pip install

Where X.X.X is the release you want to install, and platform is the platform you are installing on. You can also use the source code distribution if you only want to use the CAS REST interface. It does not contain support for the binary protocol:

pip install