Date: May 16, 2024 Version: 5.13.0

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What is this?

This module provides Python APIs to the SAS system. You can start a SAS session and run analytics from Python through a combination of object-oriented methods or explicit SAS code submission. You can move data between SAS data sets and Pandas dataframes and exchange values between python variables and SAS macro variables.

The APIs provide interfaces for the following:

  • Start a SAS session on the same host as Python or a remote host.

  • Exchange data between SAS data sets and Pandas data frames.

  • Use familiar methods such as describe() and head() to work with data.

Additional functionality such as machine learning, econometrics, and quality control are organized in Python classes.

See Getting started for programming examples.


  • Python3.4 or higher.

  • SAS 9.4 or higher. SAS Viya 3.1 or higher is also supported.

  • To use the integrated object method (IOM) access method (one of four connection methods) requires Java 7 or higher on the client.

You can connect to SAS on any platform that is supported for the specified SAS releases.