SAS Studio Tasks Resembling SAS Enterprise Guide Prompts

These tasks allow you to add prompts of various types into your SAS Studio process flows. These tasks are structured to display input controls that are similar to Enterprise Guide prompts and to set analagous macro variables. If you would like to use one of these tasks for input but you need the task to set a different macro variable or series of macro variables, you can make a copy of the task and edit it to meet your specific needs.

Using the Prompt repository in SAS Studio

You can make this repository of tasks available within SAS Studio.

  1. In SAS Studio go to the main menu and select Preferences.

  2. On the Repositories tab of the Preferences dialog click the Add (+) button.

  3. On the Add Repository dialog in the Name field specify the name (Ex. Enterprise Guide Prompt Style Tasks) you would like to appear in the Tasks and Utilities tree. In the URL field specify for the URL.

  4. Save the definition.

  5. A node with the name that you specified in the defintion (Ex. Enterprise Guide Prompt Style Tasks) will show up in your Tasks and Utilities panel. In the Prompts folder you will see sample SAS Studio tasks.

Using the Prompt Tasks

If you would like to modify or combine these tasks, you can copy the tasks you would like to use by selecting “Add to My Tasks” or “Add to Folders” on the task context menu. You can edit the copied tasks and modify the macro variable names if you would like different values. You can also pull the appropriate sections out of the tasks into a new task if you would like more than one prompt in your task.

The SAS® Studio 3.6: Developer’s Guide to Writing Custom Tasks is available here.